He Ram ! Na Aasa, Na Ram !!

हे राम ! न आसा, न राम !!  

यह कैसा कुटीर है, 
जंहा न आसा है, न राम है | 

यह कैसी आस्था है, 
जंहा कुछभी स्थाई नहीं है | 

यह कैसा आश्रम है, 
जंहा विश्राम के नाम पर काम होता है | 

यह कैसा साधू है, 
जिसमे न कोई बुद्धि है, न सिद्धी है |

यह कैसी भक्ती है, 
जंहा भक्तीके नाम पर भोग है |

यह कैसा धर्माश्रम है, 
जंहा धर्मके नाम पर अधर्म है | 

हे राम, यह कैसा शिविर है, 
जंहा न आसा है, न राम है |

There are good coins and bad coins in an economy. And this does not mean that the laws of the economy are wrong. There are accidents in life. And that does not mean that the laws of life are wrong. There are events in the universe and that does not mean that the laws of the universe are wrong. The laws of the science are the same to every observer. This is not only a scientific fact but also a spiritual insight. The above poem is just an effort to distinguish between good coins and bad coins.

I am a Finance and Commercial professional having more than 25 years of Corporate Experience. I have last worked with Reliance Retail Limited, 100% subsidiary of its flagship, a Fortune 500 company, as Assistant Vice President and Head of Business Commercial. I have worked with Subhiksha (Retail Chain) as Vice President and Head of Finance and Commercial of a SBU. And also worked with LG (Korean MNC) as AGM and Head of Logistics and Commercial for their Pune Plant. I have expertise in Finance, Taxation, Commercial and Supply Chain Operations. I am having vast experience in managing complex business situations and its people. I have proven skills in taking businesses and its people to their next level and putting them on an auto-growth path. I possess expertise and professional skills in helping organizations and its people to transform their existing businesses for an organic business growth, unique leadership and new values. I am actively interested in sharing a new and unique leadership with a difference. I am a guest and visiting faculty to various B-Schools. I am passionately interested in education, training, and research. I am helping various organizations on issues relating to corporate performance, productivity and motivation. I help in infusing enthusiasm and zeal in individuals to unlock their latent potential. I help individuals in creating a new attitude, a new gestalt, a new thinking and enabling them to take a quantum leap to their peak performance.

I am personally interested in Zen, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Management, Motivation and Leadership.

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