Ah, Didi, You Did It !!

At last you did it Didi. The nation is proud of this. Every Indian has the right to know everything about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. After all the freedom movement belongs to Bapuji and Netaji and many others. The people of this nation are proud of these heros. Since my childhood like many others I was very curious to know all about Netaji but somehow the truth was hidden from the public by the vested interests. Nobody can hide the truth for very long. The intrinsic nature of truth is to surface and become public. Nobody can make it private and classified. It is like an volcanic eruption. It is slowly gathering momentum and waiting for a right moment to erupt. It is better not to put a lid over these things. Just imagine how many time bombs of seeking information and truth on many issues may be lying with the governments all over the world. Please remember that there is an expiry date to all these. And one fine day they will all erupt. It is the people who make the nation. And these people choose their leaders to safeguard the interest of the nation. And few bad leaders instead of safeguarding this interest they create a trust deficit. Let us take the Political Leadership and Social Leadership of this country and the world to the next level.

We always say that the parliament or an assembly is like a temple. The consciousness and conscience of the assembly and parliament is sacred and pure. But this is not true always. The parliament or an assembly is a fictitious entity. It is not a human being and hence can not have a soul. And hence there is no question of a conscience and consciousness. The spirit of the parliament or an assembly or any body or organization for that matter depends on the spirit of their members. Everything depends on the spirit of the individual and collective members. Therefore, the individual and collective consciousness of the members is of utmost importance. And sadly the statistics talk of a very sad state of affairs. According to the latest statistics around 31% of the assembly members and parliament members have criminal records. And the trend is increasing. In a true democracy the collective conscience and consciousness of the people should prevail. And the people of the nation should continuously strive and struggle to bring down this percentage. And this is possible only while they are choosing their representatives and leaders. They should think 100 times before choosing a representative or a leader who has a dubious and criminal background. They should banish the leaders whose reputation is soaked in corruption and criminal records.

Now what does the declassification of all these 64 files on Netaji mean to the nation? It only means that we all will come to know some more truth on Netaji, though after 70 long years. The family members of Netaji will also come to know some more truth on Netaji for the first time. This is very sad. The family members have also been kept far away from the truth. These 64 files is only a partial truth. There are still many files with the central government. The word “Government” is a misnomer. How can you govern the people who elect you as their representatives and leaders? Any government has to be a servant of the people. This is a sheer common sense. We have to come out with a different name. Let the people of the nation ponder over this. The second and the most important thing is that the people will be able to know for the first time the real heroes and real villains of the freedom movement. With all these secret files being open in the public domain, some old freedom movement heroes may turn out to be villains and some who may be perceived as villains will be known as heroes. Nobody can hide the truth. This is not in the nature of things. The nature of nature is to reveal the truth. “Seek, and ye shall find”, says Jesus Christ. “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya (Move from Untruth to Truth)”, say the Upanishads. Oh people, let the truth prevail.

How to apply the Principles of Trnity in a Business Organization?

In the earlier post we have seen the Principles of Trinity. Please read the earlier post carefully to understand better the application of the same principles to a Business Organization or any organization for that matter. An organization is a collective entity to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many individuals, many teams, many departments and many functions. And to work in a sync and harmony to attain the organizational goals and objectives is a far greater challenge. Every organization serves the society with some products, services, or solutions. And the whole organization strives to serve and delight their customers with their products, services, or solutions. Every organization can attain their goals only by delighting their customers. And this is possible only when their products are competitive and world class. And all this can be done in a much better manner if the Principles of Trinity are applied in the whole organization very diligently.

The first principle of Trinity is creation. It is the beginning. You plan to create products. You plan to create an organization. You plan to make a project. You plan recruit people. You plan to seek and create capital to run the business. This is the beginning. This is how the cosmic organization has come into existence. Brahma created this cosmic organization. And then he handed over this to Vishnu for sustenance and to Shiva for transformation. Creative destruction is also a part of transformation. And every organization on the planet earth is just a sub-set of this Cosmic Organization. Let us understand the principle by an example. A Product Manager may be able to create a product but he may not be capable of sustaining it. You may need a Marketing Manager to market and sell the product to make it competitive and sustainable. He surveys the market. He finds a customer and creates a market. The product price and quality are the two most important ingredients to find a right customer. And he has to scale this up in all possible dimensions to make the product profitable. And after doing all this over a long period of time there comes a point when this product can not sustain and hence has to be either destroyed or transformed. A new product may also come into existence. And this can not be done by these two guys and shall have to be done by a R&D Manager. He is the only person who has a right competency to either rejuvenate the same product or come out with a new brilliant product. The whole world of business is a creation and innovation of new products. This is just a simple example to demonstrate the concept. The concept has an application in virtually everything in the existence. Every Manager, Department Head, Functional Manager, General Manager, CEO, CFO, CPO, COO, CIO, Director, and Managing Director should have a mastery in understanding the Principles of Trinity.

These are the three emotions in every human being. One can be very brilliant in creating an idea. Another can be very brilliant in putting that idea into an action. And another can be very brilliant in transforming that idea when it is not working any longer. One can strive and grow to be of a right blend of all these three.

I would like to share with you some insights. In India there was one science called Jyotishi Shastra (Science of Astrology). Today it is just a roadside skill to see your future. The roadside astrologer sees your hands and foretells your future just for few rupees. He may even use a parrot in the whole process of foretelling. And all this just for mundane survival. He can not see his own future but thinks that he is competent to see the future of others. It is no more a science today. The word Jyotisha is a Sanskrit word and is made of two words Jyoti and Isha. Jyoti means a Small Light and Isha means a Big Light. Jyoti means an Individual Self and Isha means a Supreme Self. The root word of Ishvara (Divinity) is Isha. It can also mean a growth curve of small to big, ignorance to knowledge, Unconsciousness to Supreme Consciousness, and Finite to the Infinite. It is basically a science to see the potentiality of every individual on this transformation. Let us say if the Big Bang has happened it was sort of a Big Light. And then it was broken into billions of smaller lights - black holes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, plants, birds, animals and human beings. The human being is also a reflection of this Supreme Light. He is a small light. And he can transform himself into this Supreme Light. The Jyotishi Shastra was a science to help transform an individual from an Individual Self to a Supreme Self.

And this science was going into the whole DNA of the human being. It was trying to see how these three emotions or vibrations or energies are vibrating in the being of an individual. The vibration of one emotion can give rise to another higher emotion. One vibration of thought can give rise to another higher vibration of thought. One vibration of an idea can give rise to another vibration of a higher idea. And one state of the mind can move into a higher state of the mind. Every individual has to look into the vibration of his own energies to know the potential of his evolution. And one has to evolve continuously. One of the biggest insights of the Principle of Trinity is that there is a beginning but there is no ending. You can not win the game. You can not quit the game. You can only joyously participate in the game. Please do not be a gamer otherwise you will only ruin your life.

Let us see the applications of this principle in a business environment. There is a person by the name Ray Kurzweil. He is a technologist. He is an inventor. He is a futurist. And he holds some 18+ PhDs. His ability is to foretell how the technology is reshaping the world. More than 80% of his predictions have already come true. It is not that other 20% have not come true. Only their timing differs. They are yet to come true in the future. He helps many organizations to look into the future of their products. Whether the products will kick-off? How long they will sustain? And when will they die? This is his skill and ability.

Intel is one organization which is continuously killing its own existing products to stay ahead of competition. This is how it keeps its leadership position. According to the Moore’s Law, every six months the power of the processor should double and the cost of the processor should be halved. This is at the heart of Intel’s Product Development. And this is how Intel is continuously evolving.

There are seven elements that go in making any business organization. And these are: People, Products, Processes, Promotions, Productivity, Performance, and Profits. And all these seven are interconnected and interdependent. And all these should continuously evolve to make an organization a vibrant entity on the planet earth. And the same is true for any organization - Business, Political, Social and Spiritual. And according to one prediction, in the next 45 years approximately 40% of the existing Fortune 500 companies will cease to exist. This is a brief post on the application of the Principles of Trinity in a Business Organization.

Everything in the whole existence is eating itself. And everything is getting evolved and transformed. In order to keep moving and evolving our higher thoughts should eat our lower thoughts. The lower energies should make way to the higher energies. A lower being should evolve into a higher being. This is part of a natural selection, mutation and evolution. I always naturally select to be a higher being. This is our wish and this is our will. And this is our choice. There is no conflict in evolution and enlightenment. We are continuously evolving to be embraced by the Supreme Consciousness

Peter McArthur says that every successful enterprise requires three men - a businessman, a dreamer, and a son-of-a-bitch. To me, this could be version one. And every successful enterprise can also have three men - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. This is version infinity. Just think of the possibility of scaling-up of an enterprise to this level. We can not even imagine how these three guys must be managing the Cosmic Organization.      

Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva - The Trinity

The ancient Indian way or Hindu way of depicting life in its totality is through these three metaphors or symbols. This is a trinity of life. Life is a mystery and it can not be reduced into a knowledge. It can not be reduced into a knowledge means one can not write a book on life and give it to somebody for a reading. Life is more like swimming and cycling. Each individual has to jump into an ocean of life and learn the art of swimming. One can get drowned. This is okay. One has to take a risk. By the way who stops us from being careful and cautious. One can then swim through and float and enjoy life. One has to peddle the cycle on his own. Some other person can not peddle for me. There can not be a proxy for me in life. Somebody can peddle for me while teaching me. My Pa, Mom, Brother, Sister, Friend, Teacher, Guru can peddle for a small distance but only to teach me the art of cycling. And once I learn, I can grow in that art. Nobody can have a mastery over life. This is impossible. Anybody who claims that he has a Mastery over life and he can give the Art of Living has come to a dead-end. And it seems there is no further growth in his life. Keeping these things in mind the ancient Hindus have used symbols and metaphors to depict the whole mystery of life. They used a Trinity of Gods to depict the whole mystery of life.

Brahma is a beginning. It is a beginning of beginning. It is a beginningless beginning. The Hindus call it Anadi. It simply means nobody knows. We have many explanations and without any proof and conclusion. And there can not be any proof or conclusion. And we can have many explanations. And all these explanations are just partial or fragmentary knowledge of the whole reality. And they can not give much insight into the reality of everything. The Hindus also have their own theories of life and the life span of Brahma. The modern scientists say that the universe is some 14.82 billions of years old (this is latest and keeps on changing). And this depends on the definition of the universe. If we believe in the Big Bang theory then the definition of the universe is “all that is”. And if we believe into the String Theory then this theory will transport us in a hyperspace of 11 universes. And the Big Bang could be because of the collision of any of the two or many universes or a coalescing of any of the two or many universes. And the moment we step into the String Theory, the definition of the universe will go for a change and “all that is” in the context of a Big Bang is different from “all that is” in the context of the String Theory. And the definition of the beginning will also undergo change and probably the age of that universe - one according to the String Theory, will also go for a change. And probably for this reason and many other reasons the Hindus have said that the universe means all that was, all that is, and all that will be. And the reckoning of a beginning, middle, and an end is just for the heck. They called the existence as Anadi and Ananta (One that is beginningless and endless).

If you wish to know the results of your company then you have to divide the span into years, months, days, etc. And we all know that the history has taken note of it that the emperors have become beggars and the beggars have also become emperors. If Heisenberg’s theory of uncertainty is at the heart of everything then Krishna’s theory of Nishkam Karma Yoga (Renunciation of the Fruits of Action) is also at the heart of everything. These theories have stood the test of times.

Brahma is that beginning. It is something that has come into creation out of nothing. Nothing has caused it. It is just a nature of nothingness that something may come out of it because the same nothingness is embracing it. It is just like a flower or a fruit which is holding many potential seeds. Nothingness is that ever flowered flower or ever ripened fruit. Brahma means beginning of life. It is just like how a child slips out of a mother’s womb. If the Mom is not ready a stupid doctor can not do anything. He may just tear the womb. And we have to probe this. This could just be a money minting device.

Brahma means love of life. He breathes life into everything that comes into existence. He breathes life into the existence itself. If you don’t love life it can not move further, it can not grow. Therefore, this is in the nature of a mother that she loves the new born one more than anything else. And hence she nourishes the newborn life. The child then grows and becomes independent Every mother thinks that her newborn child is like Krishna. This is obvious. Then only she can take care of the child. The first symbol is, therefore, the love of life or the beginning of life.

The second symbol is Vishnu. It is the sustenance of life or endurance of life. He is a growth curve of life. The beginning stage to the growth stage. The growth has to be sustained by something. And Vishnu is a symbol for this sustenance. The scientists are trying how long this life can be. They are saying that the human being can live for some 300 years. Recently they have said that very soon they will come with ways and means to stay healthy for at least 100 years. You will be surprised to know that some animals are not dying and they are only growing. I heard that some animals like turtles and alligators are in fact not dying and they are growing. Their cells are growing and their cells are not dying. They may die out of an accident or a disease. Their cells are not dying and they are growing. And the only cells that do not die in a human being are the cancer cells. The ageing process of the human beings and that of the above animals is totally different. The scientists are saying that they have yet not understood the ageing process of the human beings otherwise they can do miracles. Hopefully many more mysteries are hidden in the future - good or bad, we have no idea. Vishnu, therefore, is a metaphor or symbol for sustenance or endurance of life. We can also say him a Life of Love. And from the “Love of Life” we have moved to the “Life of Love”.

The third symbol or metaphor is that of Shiva. Anything that has come to be has to cease to be. This is into the nature of things. A small candle of light when all the fuel is burnt out will cease to exist. Are you worried? Please do not worry. Brahma will take care of another new candle of light. Shiva is an end of something. He is the end of play that has begun in the past. He is the end of a beginning. He is the end of the sustenance. He is the end of that endurance. He can also be termed as the beginning of a new inning. You must be feeling that the word “end” is looking negative. You may say that the words “beginning” and “sustenance” look positive and the word “end” looks negative. Then no problem. We can make a small change. Let us call it “transformation”. You are right !! In fact, there is nothing called an end. In an eternity, how there can be a beginning and an end. In a timelessness how the time can be an absolute. According to Albert Einstein, the space and time are relative. I am just an ordinary human being and trying to be a better human being. But if you think that you are an Avatara then you can say that you will come in some other Avatar in the future. You can say that you are a Tirthankara and shall come into life in some other form of a Tirthankara. I also suggest that you should meet a psychologist and a neurologist. Because this could be a neurological condition. Who knows? Because more than 80% of the diseases are psychosomatic. Have you not heard the utterances of Krishna in the Bhagavad Geeta? He is again going to come. But when, nobody knows. And in what form, nobody can predict. And in which place, nobody can indicate. And if he comes, how will we reckon? Because, we have already reduced him to be a superhuman and we have imported him into mythology. And who knows, he may come in the era of technological singularity as a cyborg and with an artificial consciousness. This state we can reckon because he will be more than the mythological Krishna. He will be even much more powerful than the mythological Krishna. And he can utter the same Geeta much easily because it is just a question of a few byte codes embedded into the artificial consciousness.

Shiva is, therefore, a transformation of everything. He is a love of death. These are the three symbols - Love of Life (Brahma), Life of Love (Vishnu), and Love of Death (Shiva). Shiva is a God of Dance too. He is a symbol not only for the celebration of life but also for the celebration of death. Through his dance he is saying that there is nothing that really dies. Everything is immortal and eternal. That is what the scientists are saying that not even an electron can be destroyed. Even if you destroy the electron where will it fall. There is nothing outside the existence. Matter is energy and energy is matter. Everything just gets transformed from one form of energy to another form of energy.

There is only one thing that is formless, and that is the Supreme Consciousness. It is not an object and it is the subject itself. It is neither matter nor the spirit. It is beyond the duality of everything in the existence. The human being is a different form of energy. All energies - mechanical, kinetic, electrical, chemical, electromagnetic, thermal, nuclear, etc., are all objective in nature and hence they can be measured and quantified. The Supreme Consciousness is neither a matter nor an energy and hence can not be measured or quantified. And each and every human being is a reflection of this Supreme Consciousness. And it is only the human being who is capable of experiencing this Supreme Consciousness. This is that Trinity and this is that Tatva that applies to everything in the existence. Everything that comes into creation follows this Trinity. And the whole creation itself is this Trinity. It is also called a Swayambhu, that is, it is a self-creating, self-sustaining, and self-transforming mechanism or entity. Let us welcome these three Gods into our lives.