Spiritual Leadership

Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual are not four different compartments. Body is physical. Mind is intellectual. Heart is emotional. The mind should speak what the heart feels. And the body should do what the mind and heart say. Spirituality simply means all these three - the body (physical quotient), the mind (intellectual quotient), and the heart (emotional quotient) are in sync with each other and there is absolutely no gap. This oneness is our true being. This is Spirituality. Spiritual Quotient means our Happiness Quotient. Spirituality is the index of our true happiness. Therefore, our Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is the sum of our Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Mathematically, SQ = IQ + EQ. 

From Raw gold to 24-Carat gold it is the same gold, but there is a difference of quality and value. From “Muladhara”(Root Chakra) to “Sahasrara”(Crown Chakra) it is the same human being, but the difference is of an immense quality and value. And from Unconsciousness to the Super-consciousness (“Shuddha Chetana”) it is the same consciousness, but the difference is of an infinite quality and an infinite value. The art of bridging this gap and creating that quality and value is Spirituality. And the whole effort of activating this change is part of a Spiritual Leadership.