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Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra

There are three ways: Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra.
Tantra means transforming through the body. Mantra means transforming through the mind. And Yantra means transforming through the vehicle.
Tantra means transforming through the body. That is, using all the energy centers of the body including the sex center. One energy center is a stepping-stone to the other energy center. It is an upward movement of the energy. The energy moves from Muladhara (Sex Center, Root Center) to Sahasrara (Crown Center). As the energy moves up, we experience a higher dimension of the consciousness. At the highest level, that is, at the crown center, the energy becomes the consciousness. Consciousness means a purest form of energy. Now there are no divisions and no identifications. An individual experiences the “Shuddha Chetana”. This is the ultimate state of a climax. After this there is nothing. This is the state of a Sachitananda.
Mantra means transforming through the mind. The gateway is through Dhyana or M…